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Cloud Backup

On-Premise and Offsite Backup

We offer a data backup solution designed to securely protect your PC, MAC or Server data, both on your premise and offsite to the cloud. We take data backup very seriously; in fact having a backup, of a backup, of a backup is never a bad idea. If your backups are setup properly, with proactive monitoring in place you should never have to worry about that dreaded restore!

Stop paying for expensive backup solutions! Cost effective, feature rich, reliable and secure backup solutions are here ready to serve your business! Our backup solutions are custom configurable, flexible and start as low as $10 per month for up to 5GB of secure offsite storage, including software and alert monitoring by Charvar's dedicated technicians.checkmark clip

Our business backup solution uses a strict security policy, military grade encryption and world class data centers for optimal data protection. We include file support for open and locked files, version support for files up to 30 days in the past and application support for all common business applications including SQL, Exchange and Network Drives.

Give us a call today and let us know what your specific needs are. We would be happy to lend you some consulting or build you a custom quote that solves your backup worries, at no charge. 

Full Backup and Disaster Recovery

Assuring that your business can recover in the event of data loss is imperative to your business continuity.  With a full backup and disaster recovery plan in place your business will not only recover from whatever event caused your peril, but will do so in record time!

Full backup and disaster recovery integrates state of the art server imaging technology and virtulazation so you can get back up and running quickly and smoothly.  In recovery mode your will be able to access your data and resources securely from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  The advanced imaging technology performs incremental bit level data backup continually, so your data will always be safe and up to date.

A full backup and disaster recovery solution is right for your business!    

With Our BDR, Your Business Can:

  • Eliminate Risk and Downtime
  • Store Data in Multiple Secure Locations for Easy Access
  • Reduce Disaster Recovery Time
  • Get Employees Back Online Within Hours
  • Never Lose Client Data, Accounting Records or Sensitive Historical Information
  • Effectively Survive Major Disasters or Acts of Naturechecker flag

Benefits of the Cloud:

  • Rapid and Reliable Restore of Any Backup Image, Any Time
  • Easy Test, System, Connectivity, and Network Settings
  • Failover Server Data On-Demand


  • Onsite Backups are Automated and Scheduled
  • Onsite Virtualization Replaces Downed Servers for Maximum Uptime
  • Data is Automatically Stored and Sent Offsite
  • Cloud Virtualization Included in all BDR’s in the Event of Total Site Loss
  • Ultimate Business Continuity
  • Test Virtualizations are Automated Nightly and Provide Notification
  • Easy Alerting and Scripting
  • 24 x 7 Help Desk Support
  • Easy to Use GUI Interface