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Proactive IT Management

Proactive IT Management for your Business 

It's time to relax knowing your systems are being proactively managed.

As technology has evolved so have the ways IT support and service are being delivered.  Why not stop a problem dead its tracks before it becomes a costly expense for your business? This way of thinking saves time and money in an exponential way most don’t consider. As a business owner you are paying your staff members to get a job done, not waiting for a technician to fix a problem that could have been avoided.

When a computer problem strikes you not only lose the productivity of a staff member, but you also incur the cost of their payroll while at the same time paying a Technician to solve a problem….this is clearly a triple whammy!


Prevention is the Best Medicine

A proactive approach to IT support means bringing prevention to the table. As the saying goes “prevention is the best medicine” and rings true in the ways IT resources can be managed and protected today. One part of this formula is to incorporate the best preventative applications, another part is to keep a watchful eye on potential problem indicators should they arise. Charvar’s technical team is trained to look for anomalies, diagnose problems and catch issues early before they require more serious treatment! Charvar will take a look at your network, servers and workstations and give you a health check-up in just an hour. We do this for every new customer and will provide our feedback at no charge!

Benefits and Advantages

  • Less Downtime - Don’t be the victim of lost productivity, addressing problems before they become bigger issues will save you time and money
  • Greater Staff Productivity - Resources that behave and perform to their optimal potential is key to greater staff productivity, reduced frustration and a better IT experience
  • Peace of Mind – Knowing that your systems are standardized and are all being equally protected and optimized will take away the uncertainty akin of standard IT support
  • Less Cost – Overall savings can be tremendous and allow you to see a true budget for your IT support needs adding greater value to your IT investment 

Taking Care of your Business Productivity

While taking care of your business productivity we hold ourselves accountable to you with a proactive support approach. By implementing support tools like Windows IntuneTM we provide the best resource for managing Windows based PC’s. The delivery of critical updates, prevention of viruses and spyware through Windows Intune Endpoint Protection are all included with our service. What better proactive support product for a Windows based PC then one built and supported by Microsoft®. The end result is not just the prevention of potential issues but a better tuned resource for your staff to be at their productive best. Engage with us and receive a Free Windows Intune 30 day trial and give it a try for yourself!

What We Do

Charvar implements a strategy to reduce the potential of costly IT repairs. We provide your company with the tools needed to avoid potential threats to your systems and monitor events as they occur. Our solution takes into consideration your IT support budget through a subscription you buy directly from Microsoft® with Windows Intune. Simple, effective, proactive IT management for your company is just a call away. Give us a ring at (250) 585-2233 and we will be happy to help and get you started!

Learn More

Windows Intune subscription is only $14(cdn) per device per month. Visit the Windows IntuneTM Website for full details, case studies and more. 

Computer Repairs

We repair all makes and models of PC's Macs and Servers. Hard drive replacements with data recovery, power supplies, motherboards and upgrades.  We have you covered! 

Onsite Service

Onsite service for your computers, servers and networks. Based in Nanaimo, British Columbia we are centrally located to provide quick and convenient onsite service to Vancouver Island. 

Remote Support

Requesting remote support is quick and easy, wherever you are. Virus and spyware removal, PC cleanup and performance tuning, remote Server support. Say Hello to one of our Technicians and Goodbye to your IT worries!