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Vendor Management

example3As part of a rounded IT service, Vendor Management allows for a more direct means to help your business stay productive. 

We use our existing relationships with many vendors to expedite your issues to a quick resolve. Our technical communication skills help to transfer the correct information to the right people, quickly and efficiently. We keep track of issues, and keep you in the loop with regular status updates and feedback along the way.

Have you ever had to make a call to your Internet service provider because of a service outage? Or perhaps you have had to call your cell phone company to add or change a cell phone option. Maybe you have experienced having to wait on hold with your web hosting company to look into a problem with your website or domain name. Chances are if you are running a business you have had to make one of these calls, or many of them.

Charvar’s Vendor Management Service takes away the time consuming burden of having to deal with technical issues between you and your vendors. As your IT solution provider we assume the responsibility of communicating your needs to your vendors and deal with issues proactively so you don’t have to.

The long interruptions waiting on hold with your vendors is now a thing of the past. Charvar’s Vendor Management Service is a recommended addition to all of our customer support relationships.

We Go to Bat for You - Smart, Effecient and Effective Vendor Relief!


Computer Repairs

We repair all makes and models of PC's Macs and Servers. Hard drive replacements with data recovery, power supplies, motherboards and upgrades.  We have you covered! 

Onsite Service

Onsite service for your computers, servers and networks. Based in Nanaimo, British Columbia we are centrally located to provide quick and convenient onsite service to Vancouver Island. 

Remote Support

Requesting remote support is quick and easy, wherever you are. Virus and spyware removal, PC cleanup and performance tuning, remote Server support. Say Hello to one of our Technicians and Goodbye to your IT worries!